On-Site Training Courses

TIMTAC offers companies of all sizes (home businesses to large corporations) on-site training courses instructing how to most efficiently and successfully manage and market their businesses.

Customized Training and Consulting

Customized classroom training, one-on-one training, and in-depth analytic consulting services are also offered.


Discounts are available for multiple training / consulting sessions.


Learn Best Practices to MANAGE your business by spending your time and money wisely.


Learn Best Practices to MARKET your business and gain brand recognition by spending your time and money wisely.


Successfully managed $50 million projects and trained others to achieve the same results.


Successfully marketed small startups to large companies and trained others to achieve the same results.

TIMTAC offers the most value
for your training dollar!

Over 30 years hands-on project management experience, business management experience, and marketing of products and services for small businesses to large corporations and startups to established companies

That experience, along with the latest tactics for social media campaigns and successful SEO, constitute a series of systematic, easy-to-follow, and often fun training courses to help you start a business, gain customers, strategically expand your current business, and MAKE MORE MONEY!!!

Classroom Courses

Learn how to efficiently and successfully manage and market your business.

You don't need to spend your time and money to travel to a distant training seminar. Training comes to you at no extra charge!

Courses available for all sizes of companies from Home Businesses to Large Corporations.

Custom Training

Whether you are:

  • Trying to decide if you should start a business
  • In your initial stages of starting a business
  • In your first year of business
  • Running a long-estabished business

TIMTAC has classes for you!


TIMTAC Consulting Services include

  • Market Strategy & Brand Positioning
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Product Pricing / Service Pricing
  • Website Analysis
  • Project Scheduling Review

And MORE!!!